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Blueless Ambassador

Our Blueless Ambassador program is anyone who loves our products and wants to share it. Earn 10% commission for every successful referral. 

Who's it for?

You! If you try our glasses and love it, share it with your family and friends and get rewarded for it. 

How it works? 

1. Join our Ambassador affiliate program. 

2. You'll receive a unique referral link to share with your friends and earn a commission on any purchases made by them through your link. 

3. Our software will track all sales made and calculate your 10% earning from every single sales lead you generate.

4. Get paid! 

How do I get paid?

Register with your PayPal, and we'll automatically pay you at the end of each month with all the accumulated earnings you've made. 

How do I know when someone uses my link?

When a successful referral occur, we'll alert you. You can also check your sales summary in your Ambassador portal. 

How do I promote my link?

Simply make a post about your new Blueless Glasses, tag us and share your unique referral link. 

You can also choose which of our products to advertise and use our simple linking tool to share it to your social media.

How do I join?

Simply register for the Blueless Ambassador program here.


If you have any questions, ask us at - we'd love to help!